About Josh Molen

​Josh's creative capability has been rewarded through the opportunity to participate in a number of significant projects. Those projects include composing the score for "The Clinton 12"directed by Keith McDaniel and narrated by James Earl Jones; scoring TV shows including Captured, Modern Marvels, Biography, How Stuff Works, Sins and Secrets, to mention only a few.


Josh stays busy with various projects and is constantly scoring, composing, and performing. Josh and his father operate a recording studio just outside Maryville, Tennessee. Josh is also frequently involved in the projects of other producers, such as Chris Robbins(City Confidential, McDonald's, Hands on History). According to Chris, himself an accomplished musician, composer and producer, "Josh is blessed with an awesome talent. He 'feels' the music, it comes from deep inside him. He's made some significant contributions to the projects we've worked on together, and the thing is, he's just getting started. And, despite his intimidating talent, you couldn't meet a nicer guy. Josh Molen is, as we say around here, 'just good folks.'"

Josh's future is full of promise doing what he loves, creating music.​